Welcome to Age of Chains!
A galactic adventure in a decentralized future awaits you.

We are building a blockchain based

Trading Card Video Game

Collect cards to help realizing this endeavour
and become a
 Master within the
Age of Chains Universe.

In a decentralized Future

Blockchains Prosper

Legend tells from a time, eons in the future.
A time way beyond the point where humans were being gifted
with the sacred tools of the gods.
What started as novel experiments and ideas has over time developed
into the most powerful beings within our immediate universe:

Card 001: Woodcoin’s Guardian

Following the values that Woodcoin has brought into its blockchain, Woodcoin’s Guardian seeks to protect his fellows by using knowledge of millenia.

Card 003: L’ourn, Hidden Defender of Monero

Residing on a hidden planet in the outer spiral arms of our galaxy, L’ourn wakefully defends the Monero Worldbridge from any potential threat.

Card 009: Battlefield Harvester

A simple parasite that evolved to suck up the life force of its victims and transform it into an almost pure form of energy. Usually their giant prey doesn’t even feel the life drain. 

Every Card a Piece of Cosmic Art,
secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Our Goal


The Age of Chains trading card video game is currently under development. As an immediate objective, we are currently developing a web-based prototype of the game that will enable us to further improve the game through collaborative playtesting with our core community.

Some of our core values, features and anticipated goals include:

  • Blockchain Cards

  • High Quality Art

  • Card Tradability

  • Card Scarcity

  • Card Utility

  • Multiplayer (PvP 1on1)

  • Evolving Crypto Lore

  • 300+ Cards by Release

  • An intergalactic Encounter

  • Prototype in Development

  • Community Support

  • Feedback Driven

  • Underpromise and overdeliver

  • Epicness

  • Space Opera

  • Intergalactic Cultures

  • The Future Universe

  • Decentralizing our Galaxy

Join our Quest

To keep the galaxy decentralized