Our Vision


Driven by a magnitude of factors and amplified by blockchain technology, humankind is undergoing an unstoppable shift of paradigms.
With Age of Chains, our vision is to contribute as best as possible to iluminate the potential that blockchain technology brings to our society, planet and ultimately our whole galaxy and beyond. 


The Company

Age of Chains is being developed by Streamstars UG, a Berlin based company founded by Kilian Kunst. Streamstars UG is dedicated to show the world the greatness in combining blockchain tokenization with video games for
maximum playing satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Through the implementation of blockchain technology, we aim to bring ownership of ingame inventory back to the players. We are creating a whole universe that enables us to continuously add fungibility to the players’ ingame inventory. Our first game is a trading card game wherein players can use our cards to build powerful decks to challenge other players.


Age of Chains has been evoked in November 2016, starting with the release of Woodcoin’s Guardian as the first card.

Until today, besides countless physical playtesting sessions, we so far have set up the backend structure of our game in a way that ensures scalability and perfomance goals are well met.

We are working hard to get the digital prototype of the game in the hands of our community for a much steeper learning curve based on your feedback to make Age of Chains a legendary experience worthy the emerging innovations of our present time.

Cards Sold

Our Core


Kilian Kunst
Kilian Kunst

CEO & Founder

Combining mostly all of his lifelong interests within Age of Chains, Kilian thrives to pursue his vision to build an incredible universe that embraces decentralization as a path forward to progressful evolution using the innovations we are gifted with in our present time.

Enrico Paiardi
Enrico Paiardi


With a long history as a Senior Game Developer for reputable Game Studios such as Zynga, Wooga and Bigpoint, he not only was involved in the success of FarmVille 2 but also DarkOrbit, achieving more than 90 million player accounts.

Waldemar Deibel
Waldemar Deibel

Andromeda Lore

With an outstanding passion for Sci-Fi, nature, card games and a professional career in the field of biomedical engineering, Waldemar is mainly responsible for developing the lore around the Andromeda Galaxy.


The Project

The Idea for Age of Chains came in 2016 and started to develop with the release of our first card, Woodcoin’s Guardian, in November 2016.

Ever since, the incredible support of our amazing community has been helping us to obtain the necessary resources that are needed to realize our goal to bring you an incredible trading card video game.

We strongly believe that gaming will be a crucial industry to help people understand and make
use of the benefits that blockchain
technology brings to our
present world.

Rune Wizard
Card 010

Floating on the remains of ancient civilization, Shaq the Rune Wizard silently casts spells impacting his surrounding universe.

Starjumper, Hope of Qora
Card 008

Facing an Andromedan threat, the Qoraians call Starjumper for help. Their sacred mothership has been of great relevance in the progress of decentralization across our galaxy.

Awakening of Myriad
Card 007

A cosmic event caused Myriad to wake up from his aeonian sleep in the Crystal Cave of Malee. 

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